3 kW heating element

The material of the heating element tube is stainless steel, so there is no better material for a heating element!! This heating element can be used with an enamelled tank, a stainless steel tank and a simple carbon steel tank!! German thermostats inside!! Quality proven over the years!! Emergency thermostat for additional boil protection already included!! Double overheating protection!! The power plug is already connected to the housing and installation and wiring are perfectly simple! Just screw it into the tank and plug it in! Set the desired temperature on the regulator and use it! Maximum heating temperature: 75°C

Scope of use: water heating.

  • Suitable for tanks with a volume from 50 up to 5000 liters
  • Body material: stainless steel / plastic thermostat housing
  • Capacity: 3 kW
  • One year warranty

Can be used with any heat source:

Gas-fired boiler

Solid fuel boiler

Pellet boiler

Electric boiler

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Type Capacity  [W] Voltage [V] Heating element length L [mm] Cold zone  [mm] Connection diameter Weight [kg]
TER-3000-64-INOX 3000 230~ 400 80 3/2” 0,93
TER-2000-INOX 2000 230~ 360 80 3/2” 0,93

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