Active titanium anodes

S-TANK Gn / Hn / Hn-X model

For enamelled carbon steel tanks and storage basins and stainless steel tanks with a volume from 50 up to 5000 l.


  • Continuously adjustable protection current
  • Operating hour meter
  • Output short circuit protection
  • Reverse polarity protection at the power supply
  • Polarity inversion protection at the anode output
  • Built-in functional indicator with red/green LED.
  • Integrated test circuit.

Can be used with any heat source:

Gas-fired boiler

Solid fuel boiler

Pellet boiler

Electric boiler

What you need to know when installing an active titanium anode.

When used with stainless steel water heaters, the active titanium anode protects these water heaters against the damaging effects of chlorides and sulphates.

The S-TANK active anode is capable of solving problems with “rotten egg” water odour. If your hot water smells like this, you probably have a high sulphur content in your water. And your magnesium anode releases hydrogen. The combination of hydrogen and sulphur gives hydrogen sulphide, which is the source of smell. Installing our active anode will eliminate the problem. The active titanium anode will not only eliminate odour from water, but will also disinfect it, as it releases oxygen into the water, saturating it with this useful substance.

The active titanium anode must not be used in excessively soft water as the electrical conductivity of this water is too low due to the lack of current-conducting hardness salts in it. Thus, the electrical conductivity of the water must not be below 150 mC/cm. If it is below this value, the anode will still work, but the accuracy of the current control and, as a result, protection against corrosion, cannot be guaranteed.

Once a year, the customer must have a technician check to verify that the anode control unit and the anode itself are working correctly.

Inspections must be recorded in the anode data sheet.

The receipt and data sheet with records must be kept for the entire period of anode use.

If you notice that the anode is out of service, you should immediately call in a specialist to resolve the problem.

One year product warranty.

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Rated voltage: 12 V DC ± 10%
Current (max.): 100 mA (with logic outputs, no load)

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