2-in-1 device

      • Buffer tank
      • Indirect water heaters

You save on the purchase of one unit and its piping.

      • It has a powerful HOT WATER SUPPLY COIL/HEAT EXCHANGER (surface of 3.8 sq.m)
      • The HOT WATER SUPPLY COIL/HEAT EXCHANGER is made of stainless steel
      • High hot water supply performance up to 2.400 l/h
      • Polyester thermal insulation, 70 mm thick (360°)
      • No magnesium anode, no extra cost for its replacement
      • no hardness salt growth on the heat exchanger
      • Insusceptible to Legionella!
      • Possibility of heating element installation
      • Very compact and easy to install.
      • Easy creating of a system with hot water supply recirculation.


Can be used with any heat source:

Gas-fired boiler

Solid fuel boiler

Pellet boiler

Electric boiler

Biomass boiler

Fireplace with a water jacket

Thermal pump

The HFWT series tank, being a flow heating tank, allows hot water supply heating in a flow manner. How it works:

The tank has a stainless steel heat exchanger/coil of high capacity for hot water supply preparation.

The heat transfer fluid inside the buffer tank heats the water flowing through the heat exchanger/coil for hot water supply heating.

Therefore, the water from your borehole will have time to be heated from 8°C to 60°C or more when passing through the heat exchanger.

What you get at the end of this process is fresh hot water!

  • Scope of use: accumulation and storage of heat transfer fluid/heated water and production of water for hot water supply.
  • 8 standard sizes from 300 l up to 3000 l.
  • Body material: Carbon steel
  • Hot water supply coil: Stainless steel
  • Warranty period: 2 years

Number of connection pipes and their location:

  • 4 pcs. — 1 1/2″ (1pcs. at the top / 3 pcs. on the side)
  • 3 pcs. x 1/2″
  • 2 pcs. x 1″ (hot water supply)
  • 1 pcs. – 2″ (heating element)

Thermal insulation (included in the package) is performed with 70 mm thick polyester material using NOFIRE technology (high fire-resistance class)

  • items up to and including 5000 l are supplied with plastic covering

The base of the tank is made based on the ring bearing principle, allowing the weight of the tank to be evenly distributed on the floor surface and ensuring stability.

The exterior of the tank is coated with heat-resistant paint capable of withstanding dynamic changes of temperature.

Acceptable solutions with operating temperatures between +2°C and +95°C:

  • Aqueous
  • Aqueous-Glycol
  • Alcohol

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S-TANK installation and operating instructions

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