P2 (enamelled)

Scope of use: – accumulation and storage of hot sanitary water

Product material: – carbon steel with enamel coating.

Description: – The tank is designed to accumulate hot water from various heat sources. The ‘P’ series tank improves the hot water supply system flexibility, allowing you to accumulate a constant volume of hot water and use hot water supply recirculation to increase comfort of use. And the possibility of connecting an electric heater via a 2″ (for 750 and 1000 litre tanks) or 1 1/2″ (for up to and including 500 litre tanks) hole with internal thread in the bottom of the tank makes the tank more versatile. The tank can be operated in combination with the following heat sources:

  • Solid fuel boiler
  • Biomass boiler
  • Pellet boiler
  • Fireplace with a water jacket
  • Gas-fired boiler
  • Electric boiler
  • Solar collector

Tank insulation

Removable rigid polyurethane foam insulation with average thickness of 37 mm (thermal conductivity coefficient 0.028 W/m*C) – for tanks up to and including 500 litres.

               Optionally available:

  • Tank design modification according to a customer drawing (location of connection pipes, flanges, connection diameters, type and thickness of insulation, heat exchanger area, etc.), which is calculated individually.

Can be used with any heat source:

Gas-fired boiler

Solid fuel boiler

Pellet boiler

Electric boiler

Biomass boiler

Fireplace with a water jacket

Solar collector

1. The P2 series tank is designed for use in HOT WATER SUPPLY systems!

2. The P2 series tank is designed for operating temperatures ranging from+2 to +80°C using water.

3. All models in this series have the following design features:

A) The lower support for the tank is based on the ring bearing principle, allowing the weight of the tank to be evenly distributed on the floor surface and ensuring stability.

B) All tanks are equipped with inlet and outlet fittings made from a thick-walled pipe.

On the outside, the standard design tanks with a volume of up to and including 5000 l are protected by plastic covering.

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