Scope of use: accumulation of heated process water.

Product material: carbon steel.

The tank is designed to accumulate heat generated by electric heating elements placed in 2″ diameter tapped holes (internal thread). The standard number of holes is 2. Optionally, up to 10 holes can be arranged. There are 4 studs on the exterior of the tank for attaching the electric heater control cabinet. Individual configurations of this tank can be made at the customer’s request.

Can be used with any heat source:

Gas-fired boiler

Solid fuel boiler

Electric boiler

Thermal pump

Optionally, the tank includes a protective magnesium anode (located under the insulation in the upper dome).

The tank insulation is performed using NOFIRE technology with 70 mm thick, 100% recyclable polyester (which is an environmentally friendly material) with a high R-value and B-s2d0 high fire-resistance class in accordance with the European EN 13501 requirements.

On the outside, the standard design tanks with a volume of up to and including 5000 l are protected by plastic covering, or optional fabric covering. For the insulation color range, please contact the seller.

The outside of the tank is coated with heat-resistant paint

AT ELECTRO series tanks are used in systems with electric heating elements. Therefore, there can be 2 to 10 threaded outlets with a 2″ diameter internal thread on the tank. The standard tank is fitted with only two such outlets. There are also 4 studs on the tank for attaching the electric heater control cabinet. The tank can also be fitted with a inspection flange for storage tank maintenance (optionally).

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S-TANK installation and operating instructions

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