P Crystal Series


— Tank allows flush-mounting of a recirculating pump, electric heating element, drain valve, antiflash valve and anodic protection. All these components can be hidden in the product body.

— 2 types of anodic protection to choose from — magnesium anode (5-year warranty) or active titanium anode (10-year warranty)

— 2 types of heating elements to choose from — wet heating element with a capacity of 2, 3 or 6 kW or dry heating element with a capacity of 2.4 kW (available from 01.01.2022). By doing so, the tank allows the Customer to use a wet heating element first and then, if necessary, replace it with a dry heating element, due to the universal design of flange connection at the tank bottom.

— Heat exchanger capacity ranges from 20 to 35 kW.

— Tank is equipped with an inspection flange at the top.

— Tank design makes it possible to push the tank against the wall or in the corner. The tank can also be piped from the left, right or top. This is due to availability of breaking off elements in the product body.

— Average thickness of the rigid polyurethane foam insulation is 80-85 mm — A class according to ErP.

— Enamel — glass-ceramic with ultra-high soft water resistance.

— Tank drain port is located on the front side under the glass blind panel below the heating element level. This enables easy replacement of the heating element if necessary.

— Sleeve for water heater sensor mounting has an inner diameter of approx. 14 mm and is designed to accommodate a sensor of any manufacturer. Special design of this sleeve, which is sliding throughout the tank body height, allows for maximum adjustment of the water heater loading efficiency with heat from the boiler.

— Cold water makeup and recirculation pipes are interchangeable, so can be swapped for easier installation and piping.

— Water heater face is tempered break-resistant glass painted in a color of the body.

— Adjustable support feet allow for tank mounting on any surface.

!!!200 and 300 liter tanks are not top-connected but side-connected!!!